This is the first step in creating a pathway for better days ahead.

Michelle is an experienced, trained clinician who works hard as a professional by committing to empowering recovery and growth in the lives of diverse individuals. Michelle is dedicated to helping adult clients break through complex challenges to enhance their mental health.

Michelle Lester, Licensed Clinical Therapist

Hi, I’m Michelle. Navigating our life journey has challenges, but I believe the other side has limitless opportunities. Are you tired of feeling stressed, at a standstill, undervalued, and on edge? Do you feel like you are just waiting for the next calamity to happen, yet still exhausted from your current situation? I can help support you as you work through these issues.

I want to help you feel enjoyment and security again. Renew the excitement you remember about your future and your family’s future. Feel the breakthrough and experience the freedom as you release the burden of stress in your life. Claim the revived version of yourself. Forget about the new dilemma. Experience the journey and say today was a great day!


Living with anxiety feels like the “on” switch in your brain got stuck and won’t turn off. Anxiety can ​​feel​ ​deeply uncomfortable between the obsessive thoughts, racing heart, and pressure in your chest. As an anxiety specialist, we help people get out of their heads and stay focused on the present moment.


Feeling down is something everyone experiences. Depression can be difficult to overcome, especially when you feel lonely or isolated. If you’re living with depression, you may not have energy or interest in life. You may also have a negative view of yourself and the world. The future may seem hopeless. We want you to feel better and good about life again.

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